Sunday, September 19, 2010

TungLok 同乐

Here are the updates of the photos at TungLok.
Beware! It's flooded with food photos!
Here we goooooooo....!

By the time we leave, it's quite packed with people! 

Enough with all the food photos, here are our satisfied faces with our food!

TungLok has really good service. They helped us to change our plates when it's dirty, just like eating at those restaurant during wedding dinner! :) Their food taste good also! Very satisfied and I think it's worth the price. We paid abt $25 nett each, it's worth it for the amount and quality of the food we had. I want to go with my family one day.
Click here to know more abt TungLok :)

Lastly, must try....!
Egg Tarts
A great meal makes a good start for the day :)
gsiang. tunglok is love:)

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