Sunday, September 26, 2010

Expo + Movie Marathon

Yesterday went to Expo for Loreal warehouse sales and Reebonz sales with Jiaqi! Luckily nth much to buy at Loreal sales or else i will spend a lot. I only spent $21 at Loreal sales. Whahaha! Bought eye makeup remover (2 for $10), one Elseve night hair serum ($8) and one Garnier moisturising cream for spots ($3)! Good deals!
After that went to some Furniture/Interior sales at one of those hall then headed to Reebonz sales. Still gotta let them keep on ma fan! But anyway really just went in see see. But saw some really nice Prada and Burberry bags. If I have the money, i will like to have a Prada bag, but those really simple tote bag. I saw one person holding this maroon Prada tote really nice, i like it! However, all too exp for me now... but will definitely want to get one of those bags somedays.
Went to have dinner at Lerk Thai at Expo. My 1st time eating TomYum, last time I hate the smell.. like sour sour. But now i find it okay and tried eating it. Woahh! Damn spicy after the second sip of soup!!! BTH! I guess I don't dare to eat TomYum next time!

Met Singyee, Weekiat, Vonne and Zhiming for movie. Wanted to watch Return of Chen Zhen but only left with separate seats. So in the end watch 'Devil' ...i'm like force to watch this...cos all of them are okay with it, but i'm scared!!! Whahaha! :) But bo bian...just watch...

Not really scary and shocking kind, not very gore either. But i'm still scared la, covered my ears throughout the show to prevent myself from shock! Whahaha!
Storyline is, don't do bad things, devil will haunt you.

After the movie was 11.10pm, and we decided to watch 'Return of Chen Zhen'! There is a showtime at 11.55pm! Shiok! Can forget all the scary images from 'Devil'. I'm damn happy and excited that time. But sad that Jiaqi had to go off first cos she not feeling well or else can join us for this movie marathon! It's my first time watching 2movies one after another. Fun!

Overall, really nt as good as Ip Man 1/2. But of cos, the fighting part is still exciting and nice! But the middle part is kinda boring and stupid ending...But it's definitely worth it to watch because you get to see Donnie Yen's hot bod! Whahaha! Shuai!

But this image below really makes me wanna laugh!

Okay, there I go again, crazy over Donnie Yen and went searching pictures of him!
Check out his super hot body which will make you drool! Whahaha! :)

For his age, he is really handsome and fit la!

Anway, soooo coincidence that we got back the same row with almost the same number seating for both movies!

What's up next?
Charlie St. Cloud
Starring Zac Efron!
I've watched the trailer of it and it seems really nice.
I'm gonna watch it very sooooon.. Who want to join me?!?

g s i a n g , m o v i e s s s s :)

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