Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a hole in my pocket

I'm supposed to go gym today with Vonne, but we ended up at Orchard together with Singyee. OMG! And ystd I just said I'm gonna run like siao in gym, in the end..... the photo ah ma posted on fb is really like 'WOAH!', I was shocked to see me so ugly and fattttttt! Now also still fat, so really a bit motivated must slim down! the end never go gym! Please save me! Can I have more determination and perserverance?
But anw, it was still a fruitful trip down to Orchard! We had all in mind what we wanted! MAKEUPS!!! Search for makeup stuff! I really want a blush that comes with brush! Whahaha:) And of cos go get my Ettusais makeup remover! Vonne and Singyee get M.A.C blush and me.............nth from M.A.C but everything from Ettusais! OMG!!!
1. Makeup Remover- $36
2. Blush (that comes with BRUSH, definitely)- $29
3. Skin Version Up Extra- $37
Total up: $102 !!!
The thing is that I initially wanted to buy just the first two items, however for members who spend $88, can get this pink colour box! So I thought the pink box was quite cute and nice la, somemore I already spend $65, so I think what do I need to stock up at hm. And after some physco talk or whatsoever, I decided to buy the third item, which is like a softener (hard to explain anw). But still happy with all the buys! And in additional, I got a free tweezer and 2 super mini and cute 'moisturiser' from Ettusais! :)
I took pictures of my buys, shall upload soon, probably tmr night?!
So came bk Bishan and met Jiaqi to chat for quite long and had dinner at Mosburger. Before that I had 2pathetic kaya toast from YaKun, so ordered some food from Mos to add on to my lateeeee dinner. Nice chat with her telling me abt her trip and stuff! More meetup, perhaps for breakfast!
That's all for the day and it's 1.41am right now, gonna turn in!
gsiang, greatday with greatbuy :)

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