Thursday, September 16, 2010


First thing I want to share is...
I just knew an hour ago, how to pronounce 'Ettusais'..
It's pronounce as 'eh-tu-say', weird right?
Stuff I bought ystd! :)
Here are the photos, my facial stuff plus the free gift-cute pink box!

I thought there might be some compartment in the box, but it was like *empty!!!* whahaha:) But of cos, I still like the box and still thinking what shld I put inside....

I've got a skincare advice sheet of how to use each of their products! Plus, I'm a member of Ettusais!

I've got to collect 6more chops then can collect one $10 free voucher! Whoohoo! :) Anyone getting Ettusais stuff please let me know! I want Chops!

Last thing I would like to share is....
below the cute little panda chocolate Jiaqi bought for me, vonne & singyee from China.
Soooo cute right?
vonne and singyee got the couple one! &so of cos, I've got the loner panda! Whahaha:)

gsiang, fallinlove withdrama

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