Friday, September 24, 2010

BKK in a MONTH time

Just gotten my first BKK trip photos from vonne like yesterday! I went there was like months or in fact half a yr ago...
Looking through at the photos, that time I still have bangs... hahaha!
Anw, this time round hopefully I can conquer more places and try more food! And definitely buy more USEFUL stuff! I still have heels that I haven't even wear before, tops and bottoms that mostly I just wore 1time! Whahaha! My mum is complaining... and this time round if I get more shoes, I seriously don't know where to put my shoes. Perhaps, the best solution is to get a shoe rack in my room!

Tada!... All my stuff I bought during the previous trip.
Actually I wanted to post more BKK pics I took the other time, however got work tmr, so just post one pathetic picture.
But anyway, I'm going in another one more month time! Whoohoo! But this time round with karen, yvonne and chris! I guess it's gonna be fun! Definitely tonnes of pictures!
And hopefully, pray hard...the red army please don't come out until I'm back in Singapore...!

gsiang. countingdown...

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