Monday, September 20, 2010

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Ystd day went to Tunglok at EastCoast Park early in the morning but by the time we reached is already past 12pm. All of us are late and we waited freaking long for that bus 13 at Eunos.

1st drama- on the bus.
There is this gold-filled person, his hair and face or maybe the whole entire body is filled with GOLD glitters! He is some weird and crazy person. We stood beside/nearby him in the bus. After awhile, he started chanting or talking to himself in some weird language. I'm so afraid he is saying some curse. Worse of all is...
He LICKED both of his hands and hold the handles and start pressing the bell non-stop! So every single stops, the bus stops... so irritating. And after we get down the bus, we realised almost all of our hands got the gold glitters! OMG! like kena poison! We straight away go wash our hands when we reach TungLok.

2nd drama- say goodbye to yvonne's kite
Rayne was flying Yvonne's kite... so all of a sudden, Rayne dissapeared. Suddenly, she came bk empty handed and saying that she lost Yvonne's kite. So.. Yvonne and Rayne went to find the kite... After like abt an hr, they came bk with 3kites. One tiger, stingray(or don't know what animal) and lastly one rainbow kite, but NONE of it is her kite! Whahaha:) They spent so much time asking those bangalas to take the kite for them then in the end still cannot find hers. So, she just took the rainbow one which looks most similiar to hers.

3rd drama- the cannot fly sparrow
Fify was trying sooooooooo hard to fly her kite. And I tried flying hers too, but also can't. Flying her sparrow is a bit like flying my penguin, totally no direction. After so long, one uncle see her struggling and helped her. In the end realised that the kite got a hole, IT'S SPOILT! Sorry fify, didn't help you check properly when I bought the kite for you. I guess you gotta sew it or get a new one!

4th drama- it's fated, it's not gonna be mine
Previously, I said before my kite there was one stick missing and causing my penguin unable to fly. So before this kite flying session, I found a metal stick at hm and cut to the length that I wanted and fix to my penguin. When I reached Marina Barrage, I tried flying it but was still quite hard, but at least I managed to fly it for 2 times. However, that two times didn't stayed for long cos the string was stuck, so I couldn't release more string. Finally, I got the string untangled and fly it up real high!!! While flying, I took pictures with Fify...suddenly I felt so light and I thought I released too much the end... the string run out and my kite flew away!!! It was seriously damn joke! Fify and I was still searching for my penguin and we saw it at Marina Bay Sands slowly flying down like super drama! I'm like WTF! First time my penguin fly so high and also the last time! Worse of all, nt only I've got to get a new kite but also the string! I'm left with the string roller! Damn!

Okays, that's all for the drama! And so, I guess quite a few of us gotta get new kites! Whahaha! :) But it's still fun with all these stupid dramas. And shall go with Karen Fam! Or else she gonna be forever alone! Whahha:) Anw, perhaps i won't be uploading kite flying pictures to my blog since it's all on fb. Go check it out from there! :)

Goodnight people, and boysoverflower is once again on my drama playlist!
Continue watching a little before I slp...
gsiang. life equals drama

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