Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mischievous Kiss makes me crazy over Kim Hyun Joong

I'm sooooo crazy over Mischievous Kiss recently. I can't resist the temptation of this show... once it's out, i wanna watch! And the funny thing is... I actually somehow or totally know how the story will go, because there is a Taiwan version for this show as well which i've watched it already.

Some pictures I went finding during the middle of the night- 4.08am currently....

But anyway, I think it's due to the cast that's why i'm soooo excited!
There's Kim Hyun Joong! I'm totally not into him when I watched Boys over Flower, but somehow he is very attractive in this show plus the character!

For's gotta be KimHyunJoong for my desktop and itouch background! :)
And I was searching for like sooooo long for nice photos of him and so many images of him is so small that it doesn't look nice for a desktop background...
But of cos, i die die find one la...Check it out!
So, this is my the one i use for my Desktop :)

As you can see, this image is very very small! I couldn't use it as my desktop background so it became my itouch background! :) So coool! Love his hair! Whahaha! :)
 From LeeMinHo to JangGeukSuk to KimHyunJoong!

Who's next?
Probably wait until there is another nice korean drama for me...
I realise I've stopped listening to chinese music recently, keep on listen to korean songs.
I wanna learn to speak Korean!

Okays, that's all for now. Definitely still wanna share more stuff abt the outing today.
Expo plus Movie Marathon
Tmr shall update agn. I wanna say abt movies, stuff i bought, food i eat....
Goodnight, it's masking time.

g s i a n g , k o r e a  is  l o v e

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