Tuesday, September 28, 2010

l o s t

tired day working. i feel like i just just just graduate from poly! i'm back to that kind of life. sucky or not? i'm not sure... feeling kinda good sometimes. 12hrs of job for consecutive 5days. goodluck to me!
i don't know what should be the direction for me. shld i join vonne tgt in her job? good pay but gotta sacrifice one of the weekend, not too much problem for me thou. but some days might have to work 12hrs. that's gonna be tiring. siansss...
i'm back to thinking what shld i do?
but luckily this few days still got job or else no money liao.... whahaah!
but anw, i'm damn excited to get presents for my two bff's bday!!! and most probably going night picnic for vonne's bday and universal studio for singyee's bday. i think it's gonna be fun! excited!
fuck! i wanna scream right now!!! arghh! whahahh!
okay, this is just a super random post and i shall go slp now! my leg stepped onto lemon today! :(
g s i a n g , lovebff

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