Sunday, September 19, 2010

once in awhile...

Just a little update on last Thursday when I met up with chris, huifen and lynette...
me chris lynette, three pathetic person waiting for one huifen and we can't get thru her phone until she used a PUBLIC phone to call us! Sooooo rare to see people use public phones now.

Anw, so we had our dinner at Asian Kitchen! Whoohoo :) Ate quite a lot.

chris's horfun
huifen's cereal fried rice
lynette's pork cutlet noodle
my prawn dumpling noodle
sweet&spicy toufu!
guo tie

Actually there is another xiaolongbao but didn't took a picture of it. Whahah!
After dinner, walked to Marina Square and that's when I know abt Tony Moly.
Then shopped at Tony Moly for quite long until almost all the shops are closed then we went back.
But of course, impossible that we didn't take pictures then go hm, so below are some pictures of the day! :)

That's all for that day, but there's more for tday.
Come back for more updates...
Tunglok and Kite Flying
gsiang. ilove life Dramas :)

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