Friday, September 17, 2010

introducing TonyMoly

I'm here to introduce this new korean brand or maybe I shld put it as NEW IN SG...
It located at Marina Square near the atrium. Another location is at Bugis Junction, but it's not open yet but of course opening soooooon! :)
I just happen to know abt this new shop/brand while shopping at Marina Square just now... so there smth good that I wanna blog and share!

Below this item is a Brightening Mask which is reallly useful! :)
It's not just nice on the package and appearance but it does really brighten up your skin!

So below this image is one that I found on the net but it is really that useful and effective. Because me myself I tried it at the shop the actual product.
The salesperson apply some on me and my friends' hand and she goes around introducing the other products to us for about 10min or longer, after that she uses a cotton pad to wipe it off for all of us and it really leave one white patch on all our hands!!! Amazing?!
It just totally look like what the picture is showing below! Not exaggerating!

You also don't have to worry that it will cost a bomb! It's only $26.90! Cheap right?
You just simply have to apply on your skin and leave it there for 10-15min and wash it off!
TADA! Then you will have a brighter skin! I've got a bottle of my own, so go get yours now!!!

Anyway, to our surprise the person who endorse TonyMoly is....
but this is only for now, because heard that they are changing to another person but I don't know what's his name but definitely not as handsome as the one below...

This post sounds like I'm advertising for TonyMoly, but I just really feel like sharing the good stuff and anyway I'm also not paid to do this! Whahaha:)
Okays, hope people out there can go it one Brightening Mask from TonyMoly soon!
I'm now gonna slp, another late night blogging. TGIF :)
gsiang. ican'tstopspending killme:(

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