Friday, July 23, 2010

Kuishinbo Updates!

Finally! I've gotten Kuishinbo pictures from Singyee :)
There are more but only post those nicer pics! Whahaha!
Enjoy and I miss my favourite Chocolate. Anw, my fav choco. is in the first image. The round one on the plate. A little reddish pink one! Love it! :)

The crab on Singyee's hand is the crab we just use for pictures purpose! Whahaha:) In the end we nv eat this piece of crab! And I've got to say, THE CRAB IS THE ALL TIME FAVOURITE BY EVERYONE! :)

The one I gonna eat is my fav choco!
Check out! The inside is like milk choco! Really nice :)
OMG! The green tea ice cream is really nice and soft! :) Every sweet stuff seems so nice once its in my mouth!
These are the food we eat! I still miss my big choc. eclairs! And most of the dessert, I just had a bite or two then I don't want already, cos I'm kinda full as well but just wanna try!

Satisfied after the buffet, it's picture time!
I've got a slim face! Whahaha:) Thanks to Singyee, sacrifice stand corner! Hahaha:)

That's all for the photos!

Now I feel like getting the Fujifilm Instax Wide... It's selling at $169. The film is bigger and more unique! Whahaha:) Shld I get that? But it only comes in black which I think is quite ugly :(
There's so many things I wanna buy and everything is above $100! And I doubt I can get any comm. for this mth agn! Damn it! At least extra $200 better than nth!

gsiang. i want to hit my sales target in order to get all my 'wants'

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