Monday, July 05, 2010


kinda sad for you, got HFM disease, so take care at hm! no picnic for all of us. I hope we can have a belated one soon :) anw I'm so kinda not prepared for the picnic tday, so lucky for me??!

so tday decided to meet up for dinner instead with Chris and Rayne. we had dinner at Applebee. good recommendation by Rayne! and we even had disc cos Rayne works there the past two day. good place to watch soccer as well if you don't mind paying a little more. i had shrimp alfredo pasta, chris had some grilled chicken, rayne had applebee honey sauce rib and we shared onion rings. after our main course, Fennie joined us and we had hotplate brownie with icecream tgt! The shrimp is damn niceeee!!! super crunchy and sweet! nicest shrimp i've ever had! whahahah:) i wanna go eat agn but try some other food! but it's really a bit more exp than usual restaurant. the grilled chicken Chris had and their fries is a bit too salty. overall was still great! nice environment as well :) we took pics, but i will only upload tmr night. gonna slp soon...

it's monday agn, and gotta work agn. sian ttm, but i wanna stop myself having this kind of thinking! i wanna work to be a happy thing for me. can i?
bye bloggerworld,
gsiang. a new start of a week, make some improvement pls:)

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