Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Applebee's pictures, thou' its already up on FB but just blog. Really nice food, nice environment! :) Check it out the place Applebee's at Triple One (behind Somerset 313)

Chris's main course- some marinated chicken with lots of veggies!

Mine- Shrimp fettuccine alfredo pasta, super yummy:)

Rayne's main course- Applebee honey BBQ ribs, nice fries!

Our shared desserts- brownie or applecrumble with icecream on sizzling hot plate,
for me a bit too sweet, but still quite nice:)

I wanted to blog the NDP preview pics as well but it was uploading too slow, so just these for now. Tmr I will upload the NDP ones.
Anw, today is a super drama day in office, it's just like Happy July Fool's day! Over is over, don't wish to mention too much and I hate myself for having such stupid act and hate myself for this kind irresponsibility that is so not me... but whatever, it's over. Start a new.
More sales, hit my target, let me find my 'happiness' in this job pls:)
gsiang. encouragement pls:)

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