Sunday, July 11, 2010

latest buys!

Today acc Vonne to fleamarket, but we two can't take it, only go like 2hrs then we left the place already.
1) Very hot
2) No chairs provided, gotta stand
3) Raining soon
There are people asking prices, but don't know is it too exp or what, they left without buying! So kinda sian. So we decided to leave the flea before it starts to rain heavily. And by that time we sure can't get a cab. We cabbed back to Vonne's hse and had laksa plus mango longan for lunch. After lunch, we headed to Bugis to shop and met Singyee&Weekiat for awhile.

I bought a new wedge today! I aimed this wedge quite long liao. I long time ago see it but I've been thinking when will I wear it if I always nv buy. But tday I showed to Vonne and Singyee, both said shld buy! Whahaha! So I buy! I think a lot ppl shld have seen this before or even had this wedge, cos it can be found in Bugis street! Ppl, please tell me when can I wear? And it is the highest heel/wedge I've ever had! Whahaha:) And I hide this in my wardrobe, nt letting my mum know.. if nt she sure say buy shoes again! and this time still buy so high one somemore!
ppl, please tell me it's nice! it cost me $35!

Ystd went to Pomo,while waiting for our seats for Madjack, we went to walk ard and I saw this cute Hello Kitty earpiece!!! Although this kind of earpiece I don't like, but I still buy cos it's hello kitty and nt too exp. Only $8.80! I still prefer my lao gu dong kind of earpiece, but I'm still using this new one as well!
Then i saw this Hello Kitty pouch at this Sanrio shop so bought it as well. And I haven't really thought of what to use it for yet... for the moment, I'm using it to put pad! Whahaha:)

Check out my cute Hello Kitty stuff!

Thanks to Karen for introducing me this Hershey's choco. I liked the metal casing so much! Thou I think it's a bit overprice.. but tday I still went to buy the milk choc flavour! Hahaha! If there is more flavours, I sure buy all the different ones to collect their casing! And it's not just nice on the appearance, but the choc. are really nice! ILOVEIT:)
That's all for tday, and I'm gonna rot at hm tmr after days of going out...
Gotta sort out my potential clients from those not interested ones... and send some msg or call my potential clients to remind them to send me their documents!!! Come on..! I need to hit my target! Please let me be more hardworking! Whahaha:)
Bye people, slping soon...
gsiang. onechoc. a day makes you happy!

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