Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jiaqi!!!

stay happy always and hope you enjoy your day with us...

After work, met up with Vonne, Zm, Yinghui, Sam &birthday girl Jiaqi for her bday celebration!
We went to Pomo to have Madjack! OMFG! Eat until damn full can! I can't even finish my Fish and Chips!
Wanted to tried their dessert, but too full to try again!!! Like AGAIN! I really want to try their dessert badly!

After Madjack, Yinghui and Sam left first then we headed to Minds Cafe. It was my first time there and it's really fun! Whahaha:) We are laughing like mad! Jiaqi's 'HONG GAN' is the most memorable one! Played quite a few games but can't really rmb what are the names for the games... Stayed there near to 2hrs and left ard 12am. Then cabbed hm!

I wanna go Minds Cafe again:) Damn fun! When damn sian, sure go there one... Hahaha:) And we took photos while at Madjack. Gonna upload within these few days. Not much photos at Minds Cafe, except for Jiaqi's polaroid film photo. It has been a really long time since I had this kind of fun! Whahaha:) And today I bought a cute hello kitty earpiece and pouch! Cuties! Happpppy! :)

Tmr gonna accompany Vonne to flea market at Scape Park, hope the weather won't be too hot! Hope gt a lot ppl come and buy! Whahahah:) Gotta wake up quite early... so gonna use awhile more then slp..
Bye bloggerworld.

gsiang. beingahappy person is great! :)

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