Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jiaqi's Bday Celebration Photos!

This post might really look like a normal outing, having dinner tgt and that's it. But seriously, we rarely get together with EVERYONE! And the best thing of all is we had Madjack tgt which Jiaqi had always wanted to try and we all had FUNNNN:)
Madjack was quite average, nt bad. Price nt too pricey as well...Check out what they had at  Madjack Webbie

My fish and chips came in a huge portion that I can't finished. And Zhiming tallest burger was quite nice! I might consider having that when the nx time I'm at Madjack. Their grilled fish was rather normal. Grilled salmon that Singyee had was a bit too fishy smell. I think the Jalan Kyu branch food taste nicer! Whahaha:)

So after dinner, headed to Mind Cafe.
I think it's a really good place to relax and have a good laugh with all your friends! And you can reserve tables for maybe bday or whatever events as well! Good place:) Never take pics of ourselves cos we were all busy laughing and playing! Whahah:)
Panda Monium is a fun game! Looking at Singyee and the rest doing wrong actions are so funnny!
Another game that is fun is Snorta, which is also the game I'm most lousy at!!! I can't rmb their sounds!!! Totally slow at this game!

That's all for this update:)
This month I'm kinda broke... really have to spend wisely. No more good food for me! Been spending too much on good food... from Shuteppan, Applebee's, Ben& Jerry, Asian Kitchen, Pasta Mania...
Shall start eating foodcourt price food...left with $330 to survive till end of this mth. This $330 includes bus fare, food and whatever thing I'm gonna buy! Sian ttm:(
Bye ppl, gonna surf the net awhile more then gotta go bathe and slp!
Tmr is a new week again! Follow upssss!
gsiang. ineedmore MONEY:)

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