Sunday, July 04, 2010

Busy Weekend, Leaving so little time at home

Friday, Saturday &Sunday. I'm occupied with events!
Working as usual, at time got company gathering and we went to Newton Circus for dinner then to Top 1 KTV. Dinner was super spicy, didn't really ate a lot. Consider little for my appetite. Then we went to Top 1 KTV at Bugis. Cos that is the only place where we can sing and watch soccer as well. However, the soccer channel was rather blur...but had a great time singing. And ystd was the first time I really watched a soccer match, it was quite a good experience. Hahaha. Thanks to my 2bosses, Louis & Jonathan for the treat! :) But with that treat, I guess we have to work double hard to bring in more sales as well!

Saturday, today
Went to catch NDP preview with Vonne, Jiaqi and Jiaqi's mum. Earlier on went to Bugis to shop with Vonne and I bought a bandage skirt!!! I like.. not bad la, only $17. Suppose to meet Singyee & Weekiat at Bugis to shop as well but in the end they have to go collect NDP tix didn't get the chance to meet them. Then we meet Jiaqi and her mum at Yellow section entrance.
It was a bad weather, it was drizzling but totally spoilt the mood for the show ahead. We had to wear poncho throughout the show, kinda idiot. And we had to wait so long to see friends in army performance and fireworks that we gave up halfway! We left ard 7.30pm...before all the performance started....only see helicopter and tanks, marching etc...
Went to had dinner at Asian Kitchen and had my loooooong craving cereal fried rice! Still eat toufu, kailanwith mushroom... Super full! Then shopped ard, bought a strip basic top from Zara.. $19 only. Then wanted to eat Swensens frolick but lazy to walk there so in the end went to Anderson Ice Cream to have dessert. Brownie with ice cream for me! $13 gone agn! My whole dinner plus desserts adding up to ~$30!!! WTF right? Always spend so much on food until can broke liao.
After that, walked to Esplanade accompany Vonne to find Zhiming then we camwhore there with our free goodies in our NDP tote bag!!! Whahaha:) Long time didn't had this kind of feeling. Then bused home :)

Sunday, tmr
Gonna celebrate Phoebe's 21st bday at Botanic Garden, hope it's gonna be fun with great food too! Thou' it's kinda sad that Kaser, Chris and maybe Fennie can't join us! Please let Fennie join us tmr!

Now, I'm gonna slp and prepare my boiled hotdogs tmr! Hahahah:)
Paragual vs Spain match has started. I placed a super mini bet of $10.. My instinct tells me that Paragual will win! Please let me win $70! Hahahahah:)
Anyway, hope I can get today photos soon... then I can upload. Company gathering one will be up on FB ard Monday bah. That one I lazy upload on blog....
Bye Bloggerworld.
gsiang. happy jiu hao:)

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