Thursday, July 15, 2010


A year had pass.. it was last yr ard this mth that I made my first trip to Kuishinbo! And tday, I went Kuishinbo agn! It was my second time.
This time round going with different ppl, went with my bff Singyee and Vonne! Damn happy la, cos we rarely eat this good food. Always eat with classmates, esp Rayne-my buffet/food kaki!
I was kinda dissapointed this time...WHY?
1) Price changed! Last time cost $29.90++ for ladies on Wed night. Now cost $34.90++ if you take the 7.45-9.45pm slot nad $31.90++ for the 5.45-7.45pm slot. Nett price adding up tonight is ard $41/pax! Exp?! A bit too ex for me...
2) NO MORE CHOC ECLAIRS! I'm refering to the big ones... They've replaced the big ones with the mini ones which doesn't taste nice. The big one is like 10 or even 100times nicer than the small one, I swear!!!

However, on the good side is..I found my new love there! THEIR CHOCOLATES!!!
Previously when I went there, they don't have chocolates as part of their desserts. And one of the chocolate I really like a lot! I don't know what's the name for the choc. It's like white choc. with sprinkler of some raspberry bits then inside is normal milk choc.! Must TRY!

As usual, I still eat a lot! And today special 'Ding Dong Kuishinbo' dish is black pepper lobster! Nt bad but the cheese one is nicer! And the other 'Ding Dong Kuishinbo' dessert is as usual the frozen strawberry which we didn't manage to get it!!! The collection area is too far from the place we are sitting. But anw the frozen strawberry is nt very exp also, so doesn't really matter.

Today I finally tried their ice cream! And I had Green Tea Ice Cream! Mad shiok... I was still telling Singyee & Vonne that I'm full just eat a bit lo.. and i ended up eating almost the whole cup! Whahaha:) Nice Ice Cream! If they had red bean toppings would be even better! Perfect match!

Must try...CRABS, CHAWAMUSHI, SCALLOP SUSHI, UNAGI SUSHI, MUSHROOM SOUP, CHOCOLATES! That's all I can think of for nw...but definitely they still have other varieties which were quite alright as well.

Another special thing is....they had STRAWBERRY FONDUE for tonight! Last time was the normal choc fondue. But I still prefer having choc fondue..but it's kinda nice to see a pink strawberry fondue!!! But too bad.. I didn't took a picture of it.

I think that's all for tday. I'm still very full till now, and almost want to vomit when I stepped out of Kuishinbo! Whahaha:) I did took some photos, but gotta wait for Singyee to send me. The photos are in the phone! I so can't wait to get the photos and share with everyone! Whahaha:) Check out my blog soon for the photos!

gsiang. i feel satisfied with sweet stuff in mouth:)

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