Tuesday, July 06, 2010

NDP Preview

NDP preview pics! Finally get it uploaded here.
We Love Singapore!
Singapore bday is also my mum's bday, hope this yr can have something diff! Or else I will be rotting at hm, having steamboat plus NDP on tv agn!

Anw, tday we learnt how to say Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening! I guess Singyee had a really nice practice tday! Whahaha:) And we went to Orchard to shop after work! Had Shuteppan for dinner! Mad shiok having beef! Whahahah:) I've been spending so much recently that I think this month I'm seriously short of money! And I'm like having 700$ to spend, but nw I left like freaking 400$?! Damn, really have to count and spend wisely!

gsiang, start a day with a happy smile:)

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