Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Weekend!

Went swimming with Vonne at Yishun Safra! At first say want swim 10laps but I ended up swimming 5laps only! Whahaa:) There's quite a lot of people swimming, gt to avoid them when swimming! But still had fun, swimming plus jacuzzi and chatting! Then we went Norhpoint had Subway, heathly lunch/dinner! But that's nt the end...
We went to Orchard after that. We shopped ard and finally found my Vichy at Taka's Watsons after such a long time. But in the end already no more 20% disc, but I just buy and luckily I got free gift from them! Whahaha:) I got a sachet of sunblock and a few anti ageing stuff plus BI-WHITE NIGHT MOISTURISER! Damn happy! Cos that one in big bottle is $59 and I got the 15ml one for free!! Whooo! Hope it will lighten my scars! But the cream smells bad!!! Don't like the smell of it! Anw, and I wanted to get Ettusais Eye Essence but too exp. It cost $39! It acts as a eye concealer and essence so quite good bah I think. This month I'm really a bit tight for money so didn't buy! Gonna get it soon! :)
So after all the shopping, went to have Swensens at 9pm! OMG! It's fattening!!! We still eat all fatty stuff- calamari, fries & macaroni with cheese!!! And when we are swimming, we still say we want to slim down 5kg! ya man, 5kg like real! Whahaha! :) But we enjoyed and did smth really paiseh.....WE TABAO-ED THE FRIES INTO OUR SUBWAY COOKIES PAPER BAG!!! Really paiseh sia! Then walk ard and went hm..

Tday asked Huifen and Lynette out! Long time nv see them...Went to Jurong Point to meet them. Met Huifen first and walked ard then went to her childcare center to acc her to do her stuff. Childcare center quite cute! We talked so much abt working life and everything. And understand more abt working life. Her life very sad also, every sunday had to work as well. So I think overall mine is consider good bah! So, shall nt complaint too much abt my job from now onwards! Learn to love what I'm doing and find the fun of it! Then we met Lynette for dinner at Swensens! YES, Swensens AGAIN! But had diff food la.. but bad choice for dinner! I had fish baked rice which doesn't taste nice at all. And orea with peach blended yogurt which taste weird!!! Then home-ed!

Anw, just smth random..
I recently really feel like having a polariod to take pics during special occassions! And I saw this cute hello kitty polariod selling online at $180! Much more exp than the usual one, but is cute and the features and spec of it are generally better... smaller in size as well i think. Shld I get this when I have spare cash? Don't you think it's cute?

Updated: Photo taken using Jiaqi's polariod on her bday celebration
That's all for now, I'm still waiting for Kuishinbo photos from Singyee.
Let me get 5 more submissions to hit my $3M target pls! :) I need money for lotsa stuff!
Jiayou! Everyone working, work hard, jiayou!
I'm learning, adapting & trying!
gsiang. purpose or coincidence?

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