Sunday, May 30, 2010


My virgin trip to Universal Studio:)
I can only say I would really want to go bk to Universal Studio agn one day even if I need to pay $70 for it.
It is so much more fun than Disneyland! Disneyland is really too childish for me!

I've really a lot to say abt USS but I'm really tired. I have some problems with uploading the pics cos the pics size are too big, gonna resize them tmr. So gonna upload just a few pics tmr! The rest of the pics will only be up on Monday night!

Jiaqi for inviting me to USS which worth $70 for one tix on a weekend.
Jinglong for taking all the photos and his camera is super duper heavy and he didn't complaint at all.
Andy for being the guide to USS for the day! And being a super joker of the day! His level of scaryness is like so big diff from me! Hahaha:)

Had fun, and I seriously wait to share the fun with whoever that is reading my blog!
Totally Awesome day:)
Keep updated, photos coming up tmr!
gsiang. I'm in love with USS:)

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