Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm back to the same point.

Thinking to quit or not to quit agn. This question has been in my mind for like thousand times! Everyday have been thinking abt it. And today Fennie tell me, why do I have to think agn when my decision is already made up? YA! WHY DO I HAVE TO THINK AGN?!! But... I don't know why... Too many factors making me confuse.
If I've decided to quit, I just need to work till end of this mth and maybe I just work till thurs, cos fri is a ph. Then it's rather stupid to go bk on monday and just work that last day.
If I quit mean I've wasted my 3yrs studying interior, but at least I enjoyed my 3yr with the best classmates ever!
Since the first day of work, I've been complaining till nw, non-stop. I think all my friends' ears are going deaf! Everytime listening to my complaints... I really wish to stop all these. Complaining doesn't makes me happy. I don't want to complaint for the rest of my life.
I don't have passion for design, I don't know what I want. I've been thinking so much for my future... I can seriously understand why ppl want to marry a rich husband, wanna be a tai tai..
After that day of talk with boss and Julian, I've thought of staying but everyday that I stay is still the same, I'm nt happy. And all thanks to Chris, then I found out that I've been 'hai-ing' so much that she can't stand me! Hahahah! This is so horrible! I've been hai-ing all the while but I didn't realise it... Isn't really a sign to me that I'm nt happy and I shld quit?!
But what to do in the future? Forever do promoter jobs? Earning 1000plus one mth forever?! I totally can't imagine and think...
In design, its really abt you make it or you don't. If I wanna continue, I have to put in a lot of effort.. but isit worth it? Nt happy plus design is nt my dream job.. so why do I have to work so hard just to earn a living? Money can really drive a person crazy! Get me a rich husband!!! Fucking impossible!
Okays... enough of complaint.. Just some updates of happy stuff!

Today went gym with Fennie and Chris. We were just damn suay that the bishan gym is close for some events! So went all the way to YCK for gym! And that gym got no heater for the shower. Damn it and I'm freezing cold when showering! And without Fify, lesser exercise! Fify shld just go with me! And my stamina dropped so much plus I gained bk the 2kg I lost like maybe 1mth or 2mth ago! Hahahah! Gotta maintain liao la... Cannot get bk to last time that kind! SCary giant! Hahahah! I do most workout today! But nt as much as last time and we super kuazhang... we stay until the gym close, all lights off liao we still make up in the toilet! Hahahah!
After that go downstair toilet continue make up.....
Then went to Bugis to eat Mos Burger for dinner and Orh Orh! Shiok!!! It has been abt abt 8mths or more since I last had Orh Orh!!! Long queue sia today.. Hahaha! But totally worth it!
And I bought 2 nail polish from Faceshop! Plus one is kena xian hai then bo bian just buy! Cos I took the new piece to ask Fennie to try the colour..then the sales person catch us... then she say once use consider sold so just buy lo.. But luckily the colour is nt too ugly! Hahaha! Noob sia... Like still use new piece to test!
Today quite happy la! Hahaha! And I think I tmr more happy! Going town with Singyee for shopping! Gonna ask her for opinions to my job agn! Been bothering so much ppl recently. Going to have dinner tgt also! I'm still thinking of what good food can I have for tmr! Hahaha! Working so hard and I think I deserve good food! Okays, that's all for the day!
Very long post, long complaints, but that's my current working life.
Anw I had a great night watching all my show ystd night till 5am! Shiok!!!

gsiang. working life is much harder than I expected :(

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