Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey people,
So here are some pics from USS.

This is our lunch at 'Mel's Drive In' in USS. And the burger is gigantic! It's even bigger than Carls Junior! And the drinks is like MacDonalds medium size coke! But good thing, it's nt too ex. $8.80 one set!

My favourite Waterworld show! Damn amazing and shocking show! And they even have seats catergorised to Soak or Splash zone. Soak meaning you can get very wet and splash is just a bit wet! I think its cool. And we took photos with the performers, got one guy damn handsome! whahaha! In the show, there's explosions, water stunts and a lot other stuff! Must watch!
We were at Jurassic Park area and having our boat rides! Instead of those normal ways of going up a track and go down then we get splash..they got this lift to send the boat up and the door will open then the boat go down the track!!! Not very high but quite fun! And their boat can sit up to 9 people!

Taken when we are in the boat and before getting wet! Hahaha:)

Taken at the Waterworld show!

These pictures credit to Andy! For nw, I only have these. Gonna upload them asap when I got those pictures.
Bye people.
Today is my rotting day at hm! And I just finished watching The Backup Plan from Funshion.
Quite a nice show.
gsiang. I'm gonna watch more movies!

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