Saturday, May 08, 2010

Designer Life

I've started working for 4days. I think the 4days is quite a torture for me and when the thought of quiting on the third day even came across my mind. But I think I will be damn loser if I quit on the third day.
First day, I was given this proj to work on.... Stay late cos boss talked to us abt the company and stuff...

Second day, continue on proj, cracking my brain to think of layout and in the end stick to the boss idea... Sucks. But at least I can stop cracking my brain... Stay late agn cos boss son talk to us abt company stuff agn.....

Third day, go see the site that me and Chris need to design, that is the only fun and happy days out of these 4working day. Went to Sentosa Cove, cos the client hse is there. I can never imagine how rich the person is. All the furniture in living room plus dinning table and chair are all FENDI! Even the chandelier also! Then one of the sofa cost like 20k! Crazy pls... Really 大开眼界! I found this fendi chandelier online which looks totally the same as the one I saw at the client's hse.

So thursday we went bk office already like 5.15 so I paiseh to go off at 5.30 then I stay till 6. Then went to meet Singyee, Vonne and Jiaqi at Orchard! Damn happy to meet them cos we are went to Weekiat working restaurant at Ngee Ann city to eat. The food there are quite nice and big serving! I can't even finish all the chicken or pork cutlet... Quite worth it thou it's a bit more expensive... One meal gt lettuce, miso soup, rice, chicken or pork whatever your choice is, watermelon plus greentea- $23.90-$26.90. Depends on which set you order. But all thanks to Weekiat & friend plus Singyee.. We get 20%disc plus free toufu and 2 coffee jelly... Hahahah! Took some photos but with Vonne so hope can get it uploaded soon...

Fourth day of my work... At first say want to have the rendered images out by end of the day. But I can't even complete and luckily boss nv ask and he left office early. So I stayed back to do until 6.30 but I still got so many things need to do. Haven't render plus haven't draw finish. Stressed! So leave at 6.30 went City Plaza shop then head to TPY to find Yvonne and have dinner at Mosburger with Fenniie and Chris. Finally, it's fri...TGIF! And I get to slp late today!

Today went Ikea with Chris. Bought the thing to hang my shoes in my wardrobe plus some storage boxes. Shopped at Anchorpoint then went hm to eat dinner... I slept for 9hrs but I'm still tired... Sian ttm! I nw need go do my rendering! SEE!!! I'm like working on a Saturday night!

Isn't working life sad for me!? I shall try out one month before I decide to stay or quit. I scared this job will be too stressful for me. I scared I will go crazy one day! I don't like to bring office work back hm to do... when I'm only getting 1.5k per month! The environment, ppl and location are all good for me, is just abt the job that is making me to think if I'm suitable for this job and shld I really continue for the rest of my life! Is everyone working so unhappily? Okays. I think I shld stop with all my complaints and just get my things done soon then slp! Phsyco myself in every single thing which I think bad! Think positive!!!

gsiang. money or happiness?

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