Saturday, June 05, 2010


Today doesn't seems like a working day to me! Cos at night we got a steamboat session!
We totally nv prepare anything for steamboat plus teppanyaki. We just got everything done today and it's my first time like that! Hahaha! But quite fun...

Personal training by Louis agn! Call and call and still call! Hahaha! I'm like forever sounding so not enthu to sell like that. Whahaha! But I'm still trying to act very enthu over the phone.. I just need more practice! Hahahah! Then in the noon, we went to Hougang Point to have our lunch at Sakae Sushi! And spend 12$ on lunch! Totally over my budget but it's just once in a while so it's alright! Damn shiok that I can eat chawamushi and takoyaki! Myfavourite! Out for lunch almost 2hrs. But after lunch.. back calling!
But today I quite happy cos I finally got a chance to count how much the client can save liao! I always call then they only ask me email email and email! Thou, it's not a big amt but I think it can be a good start for me! Hahaha! Got improvement a bit!
6.30pm then we go Sheng Siong buy all the food... so many things to prepare! In the end, the food too much and I brought so much food home cos no one wants to bring it hm! And I don't want to waste food and money! Eat a lot.. and we anyhow cook quite nice also! We actually even fried udon!!! Hahaha! Then pack up and stuff...Go hm like 1plus 2am... And all thanks to Singyee, I got free ride home by Weekiat agn!

There is so much things that I wanna do, but I'm really tired cos wake up very early. I actually got all the pics for USS already but I'm not gonna upload today but tmr instead. But still a sneak preview of USS!!! Whahaha!


You ppl can check out the pics late night tmr or Sunday!

Anyway, Weekiat is going in army tmr! So goodluck, my bff gonna be sad! Hahaha! Hope everything will be okay for Weekiat and survive thru the 2yrs! Takecare wk!

That's all for the day. Steamboat pics nt much but will be uploaded to Facebook by Madeleine. If I not lazy, then I will be uploading to my blog as well!
Last thing, tmr I'm going Chomp Chomp!!! Going to eat my EGG PUDDING WITH YAM!!! SHIOK TTM! I totally can't wait and can see my fav classmates agn!
gsiang. TGISaturday!

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