Saturday, May 15, 2010


I guess I will be blogging on every Friday since I don't have to work on a Saturday. Friday will become my officially blogging day or time.
Today still rendering for my work. Super sians. Wasted so much time on rendering. And in the end also nv render finish so gotta bring back hm to render but all the settings are almost there, but still need photoshop some parts.... Max sian. But need to send to boss asap bah.
And when it's rendering, my whole lappy is so damn slow even seeing facebook pic. So I can't watch my show when it's rendering which is making me damn bored!
I'm now still in the midst of rendering but my rendering compare to those professional kind, mine really quite sucky but I tried my best...
I seriously want to faster complete this proj and continue with the sentosa cove one...
I'm tired, but it's rendering, maybe I shld go slp first after 2hrs then wake up to save the image.
Anw, it's Saturday tmr and I always can't make up my mind to go out or not to go out. Saturday I always have so many shows to watch, Sunday I don't have much shows to watch. So I always prefer going out on a Sunday but I don't know if tmr want go out with Chris and Huifen cos I got show plus I feel like completing my work tmr! Sian ttm... Go out need spend money. Until nw then I really feel that money is really hard to earn. Hahaha!
I'm kinda tired, think I go slp for 2hrs then wake up agn to save my image.
Bye ppl, and I've yet to get photos from Vonne!!! I wanna upload photos!
gsiang. rendering takes forever to complete.

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