Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quitting, just a matter of time.

Today is just a day that makes me realised I'm nt useful at all in the company and making me decided to quit.
There's really too much I need to learn if I really want to continue in this line. But the prob is... I'm nt even sure if I want to continue in this line so I think I better quit nw or else I need to start learning 3d max.
Rendering nt up to standard, boss want 3d max kind or smth as real as taking a photo which I really can't do it. Even I learn 3d max nw, I also need quite a long time then can render out that kind of effect bah.
Elevation nt that professional kind they want. I don't even know what they want, i just do like what I did in sch. Boss nv tell me what he want if need labelling of material or more details, I don't know what to label also cos didn't do that before.
No colour sense! I didn't know I have no colour sense, or maybe ppl just have diff kind of likings and I find it too hard to satisfied them.
I don't have any say in the proj, so what's more for me to say or comment abt the design? My 3yrs design study is just wasted.. My diploma equals nth... what do I have? A O'level cert.
The only thing I'm sad is I survived thru 3yrs of torture but I gave up my job after 2 weeks. And the amt of money my dad spend on letting me study design is gone to waste. Really damn sad for the money. Hais..
Nw I need to think of hw to tell my company I'm quitting...
I'm just gonna work some event jobs or find other full time job after that.
I just wanna leave asap, work with my friends happily and have money to survive on my own!

Anw other than working stuff, there's so much other things I wanna upload but nt now i think. Kinda sians.
gsiang. i choose happiness over money:)

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