Saturday, May 29, 2010


Gym, Swimming, Jacuzzi, Steam Room all in a day!
Went Yishun Safra with Chris and Fify to exercise! 20mins of running and we go swimming, cos time is too short for today! They just totally agree that Yishun Safra is such a good place to exercise! Good facilities! Had great fun exercising!
After exercise, went to have Subway for dinner. It's Subway day! Cold cut trio! Hahaha! Then after that shopped ard, went to Mphosis agn and I SPEND MONEY AGN! Bought this sandals! Hahahah! I think wear already like will a bit pain cos the bands are a bit tight. But I just buy cos I really like! AND IT'S ONLY 13.95$!!!


Anw, I'M GOING TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO TMR OR LTR!!!! hahaha:) Totally can't wait for it! It's my first time there and the best thing on Earth, it's FREEEEEE!!! Thanks to Jiaqi, winning these tix from Nuffnang! I'm so excited. Since I quit my job, all the good things are happening to me! Whahaha! Great day, Great things!
Tmr after USS, gonna meet Singyee, Weekiat, Vonne and Zhiming for dinner at Bishan! Gonna have either Manhatten Fish or Thai Express! Damn shiok can? This is what I call life thou I know it's nt gonna be like that everyday!
I'm gonna sleep early tonight cos gonna wake up early for all the fun tmr! :)
Bye people, goodnight.
gsiang. first trip to USS, looking forward:)

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