Saturday, May 01, 2010

I've got a JOB!

Today I went for an interview at chris's workplace. And i got myself a job! But doing diff things from Chris! I'm doing 3d rendering and stuff and Chris doing 2d.
I'm happy that I've got a job but at the same time quite worried. I always doubt my own capability! I cannot be like some ppl who are so confident!!! I scare I couldn't help much or do things wrongly!
This job nt really offering much but good enough for fresh grad plus it's nt too far from my place which I really like! I seriously don't like working far and taking train towards marina bay in the morning cos got to get squeeze like a pancake! I'm taking like circle line and hopefully nt as many ppl as marina bay train..
This is a very very small company! I'm the fourth employee! I really hope can help the company bring in more sales so I can get comm too!
Wish me luck ppl! I'm starting work nx Tuesday! I'm scared& worried! Pls let me survive thru these 3mths and become a confirm staff then there might be a raise of pay plus cpf! I'm stepping into the tombstone of a design life...
Will I be called as a DESIGNER ?
gsiang. A fresh new start of my life.

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