Thursday, April 29, 2010

Internet survived!

Internet is finally back! And I can finally update my blog. I wanna revamp my blog. Maybe another day! Just gonna update some pics and stuff...

Met up with Lynette and Huifen last saturday. We had a mini 21st bday celebration for Lynette. Went to watch Bounty Hunter and steamboat! It was a happy day for me! Nice movie nice food! Esp my fried mantou, i'm missing it agn...

Second major update is my BKK trip!
Pictures are all uploaded to Facebook. But I just picked some to post here.
BKK trip was fun for me, just that didn't had much nice food except for the dong fen xia. I really want to go there agn, cos this time round I didn't manage to go to Naraya! Central world, Chatuchak... I miss Platinium waffle, crepe. I miss chicken wings, sweet corn, mango. I miss massage and my beautiful nails! I miss everything there that I wish I could fly over there agn very soon... Hopefully the situation there could peace down very fast.
The hotel I stay in was really good. The hotel people were good too... Only bad thing is the free breakfast and hotel food which taste really horrible that I think it is DOG'S FOOD! hahaha!
Camwhoring alone...

It was a really nice trip! I WANT TO GO BKK AGN! BUT nx target would be TAIWAN! I think taiwan will have so much more nice food that suits my taste.

Alright, I think that's all for my post. Shall continue updating very soon. Tmr gonna meet up with the girls for Sakae Buffet so gonna have pics agn very soon! Can't wait for tmr to come! Or perhaps it's just another 15hrs to buffet! Gyoza, Chawamushi, Udon..... I'm coming!

gsiang. 超人不会飞。

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