Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ultra good mood:)

im now in a ultra good mood!!! hahah. the super duper high mood. all thanks to coffee prince! its really very very nice and very very sweet. hahha. cant believe that tmr is the last ep already. hahaha. is so nice:) oh man!!! hahaha. im crazy! tv addiction! today nv went for lessons. hahah. dunno tmr rostina will sy anything anot. but... WADEVA! hhahah. today watch e zuo ju and dou nui but this week de okay okay only. but next week de dou nui is a must watch. hahha. i find e zuo ju a bit sian nah. hahah. coffee prince is the best! and cui han jie got a really nice voice. hahaha. if you people got watch today de ep, CUI HAN JIE SING!!! hahaha. um, tv really makes me damn relax and happy. hahaha.
anyways, im done with all my p.boards and tech. drawings and printed as well. hhahah. luckily my efforts were not wasted. hahaha. started on ppt. and today finish my 4th model report, model finally complete and dev sketches also compile hao ler. yes!!! hhaha. now left with ppt. so after all this happy things, i need to get back to my work again. but im really satisfied and willing to go do my ppt with a ULTRA HAPPY MOOD! hahaha.
gisiang. andiloveCOFFEEPRINCE:)

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