Sunday, January 20, 2008

laziness in me today.

long time no update bah. i real busy sia. sat whole day doing my model. is siao de loh. i do until 1.30am like that leh. sommor is so complicating den i also dunno how to draw. hahah.
this is my model. complicating?
if there is someone to help me draw jiu hao loh! hahaha. but still sian nah. need to finish all the drawings and presentation board by this weekend. or else i shall die. hahaha.
den today really nv draw this plan out. slack..... only at night den did some drawings for rostina works. hhaha.
kaekae. thats all bah. i need to go edit some ppt. and most impt, watch my show! hahaha.
gisiang. andihatedrawing!

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