Friday, January 04, 2008


today i'm a bit disappointed with my project studio. actually i like my idea of how the exhibition is done. but zalina said that is too cramp at the oval shape there. is like before break i present and said that i'm doing that but she didn't give any comments. den after the 2weeks holidays, she say cannot. so suan ler. i need to rethink. but luckily, i also dunno which part of today, i just came out with a idea and i think is also better la. hahah. it still uses back some of my previous ideas. hhaha. but i'm super lousy at drawing so..... um, time is really tight. got loads of work and the idiotic rostina still want us to do 45drawings by end of this month or before out holidays. i will be really stress bah! hahah. is killer! um, okays. i going to watch goong at channelU now. hahaha:) is the 2nd time watching liao. but it's nice! hahaha. byepeepos!
gisiang. andihateHMWKS. =X

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