Monday, January 07, 2008


another bored day for me. stay at hm the whole day doing homework. no pics to upload agn. my camera has been rotting for quite a long time. but think and hope that i will be using it very soon. hahah. um, today bought from singyee at 500PIECES A3 paper. hahah. super siao! my a3 paper is running out and think i still need it for my studio project. hahah. 500pieces only cost $9! CHEAP! um, last time i buy 100pieces is like $5+. hahah. um, thanks singyee and sending the paper to my blk downstairs :) so did EVIL ROS drawing. can say is complete liao, cos only left those small small things which i dunno how to draw. um, pack all mr ng's drawings cos i think tmr having assessment bah. den now finally can come and use lappy ler. tmr will be a busy day WATCHING SHOWS! YIPPY:) let me tell you ppl my show time!
7-8pm: kinshipII
8-9pm: home decor
9-10pm: huang jin lu
10-11pm: coffee prince
11~12am: online show-dou nui yao bu yao
12~1am: online show-e zuo ju er wen
hahaha! interesting sia! monday is the most happy day! i am tv-SIAO.
no homework to be done on monday! is a tv day!
gisiang. andiloveMONDAY. huggies.

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