Wednesday, January 02, 2008


um, today is the first day of school. and i already receive a big big present. hahaha. no la... not present, is a big big project. need to make model again. oh no!! hahha. um, anyways, thanks to my class people, my memory card problem has been solve. i didnt know that a memory card can be lock. hahah. so i accidentally lock my memory card and i didnt know. hahha. but it really got virus la. but now hao liao. hahah. can take pics and everything is fine ler! yeah! hhaha. i sua gu kia. dunno memory card can be lock de sia! paiseh. hahah. um, anyways, a tiring day bah. so early wake up, still not used to it yet. so shld be slping earlier today. okays. shall update to here.
gisiang. andilove...
*i'm not suay anymore!hahaha:)*

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