Friday, January 11, 2008


today so happy ! got no school! hahah. but at hm also nv slack la. do mockup , do e-poster, edit KEGG ppt. haahha.

so here's my e-poster ! done:)

but at least no need to wake up early. hahah. today see the wrong time agn. tot is like 1plus liao den want to wake up den in the end only 11plus. hahah. den continue slping to 12plus. hahah. um, this night spent through watching tv agn. from 7 to time.

7-8: kinship

8-9:scv xing guang da dao( watch halfway)

9-10:huang jin lu

10-11:coffee prince

11-12:secong half of xin guang da dao at channel256.

hhahaha. craze for tv still carrys on ....

tmr is half happy , half sian.

happy.. can go WSH eat prata!

sian.. cannot watch coffee prince and huang jin lu! :(

how? at least coffee prince can watch online but is in korea. but huang jin lu cannot. sommor is getting more and more exciting. hahah.

okays. shallend here for today. going to bed soon bah.


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