Tuesday, January 01, 2008


WALAU!!! my camera de memory card got virus!!! SO ANGRY:( sommor is trojan horse! den also cannot remove using the AVG den now need to reformat my memory card! but the problem is i can't even reformat. dunno why my memory card is protected! last time also not like that de! can anyone help me ??? so FAN !!! how how how??? now cannot take pics liao! shit sia! ARGHHH! walau ! i really going crazy leh! got so many virus!!! hate virus!!!! stupid ppl create stupid virus!!! aiya.. no mood liao! initially happy cos today first day of 2008. den now.... arghhh! suan ler la! first day of 2008 so suay liao! can imagine the comings days,weeks,months of this yr! PPL, IF YOU ALL KNOW ANY WAYS TO HELP ME WITH MY MEMORY CARD, PLS TELL ME!!! THANKS!
gisiang, andireally really really hate VIRUS!

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