Tuesday, January 08, 2008

always a boring day!

find everyday so sian. today lesson at 9. end at 5pm. but luckily end earlier. hahah:) den me and singyee went to PIZZA HUT agn. hahah. craze in pizzahut. hahah. so have fun eating. den went hm after so window shopping! haha.
reach hm eat dinner, watch tv, do some very very rough de sketch den now use lappy liao. hahah:) how i wish all my shows can be uploaded. den i can watch all at a go. hahah. next week dou nui gonna be nice! and e zuo ju also nice! but this week de e zuo ju like not so nice la. hahah. but still very sweet! hahaha. i think i a bit siao over the shows liao. watch until keep on laughing to myself. and today even tell my classmates if there is a job which i can just watch tv as a job and can earn money, i will be very happy. hahah. den someone, i think is kaser bah, she say: can, you go look at the CCTV! " is like.....DOTS+OMG! hahaha. if can, i until lao, i also want to continue to watch all this shows! hahaha. i think all this shows are the best companion! hahahah.
actually i also want to watch coffee prince online. is all uploaded. but all in korean, i cant understand! haahh. so need to watch at channelU! i am crazy! hahaha.
so now i think i crazy enough liao. going to slp ler bah! hahaha.
nights peepos!
gisiang. andican'tlivewithoutSHOWS.

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