Wednesday, January 16, 2008

cut hair.happy day.

hi readers! those in my class shld know that today i going to dye and cut hair! hahahh:)
so want to see how my hair looks like?..... hahahah. too bad. i'm wearing a black tee, so can't really see my hair la. hahaha. and i dyed my hair dark brown but turns out to be black! hahah. is only going to be brown when under the sun bah. and i cut my hair! haaha. super special hair cut. for my classmates, friday you all can see liao loh! hahaha. um, black black hair!
here is a picture of me. but can't see the hair!

today also ate my fav laksa and mango longan at yishun! hahahh.
but today de laksa is like super hot, as in spicy! i eat damn long sommor in the end still left abit of noodles, cos really too hot liao! hahah. nice tadpole again! hahha.
tmr no school , can slp till late late again! haaha. but need to start working on my model ler. or else no time liao. hahah. jiayouu bah, everyone! hahaha:)
gisiang. andilovemyblack black hair.

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