Sunday, January 27, 2008

dark dark circles

now is aleady 4am!!! and i haven slp. all becos of the studio project. the pass 2 nights, i slept at 3am. den today more jialat. 4AM!!! is tired de loh. i think i really shld repair hao my house de scanner and printer. i damn fan over the scanning la. sian sia. HELP ME~~~ by tmr night i need to complete the presentation board and technical drawing. i dunno can rush it out mah loh. i do finish drawing ler. but all haven colour. if i have scanner jiu hao. i think all my classmate at hm siao liao bah. hahah. reasons for pimples popping up ??? NOT ENOUGH SLP! HAHAH. kaekae. anyways, i'm really tired. shall slp soon.
gisiang.andihate DARKDARK CIRCLES.

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