Sunday, January 13, 2008


i'm getting into work.
i'm getting stressed.
i'm going to be crazy soon.
i'm going to ...
i think i'm siao. hahahh:)
okays. this two days, this weekend, this 48hours, i have not gone out of my house. and seriously, i think this is going to carry on for the next 2weeks until i finish with my project studio presentation. i will really be very busy and stress for this 2weeks bah. do ppt, do drawings, do models.... prepare and present my project... and this is what i hate.
anyways, some things on the pass few day.
friday: went to WSH eat prata. WAH PIANG! so long nv go eat, suddenly like the prata damn nice sia. hahaha:) den reach hm at abt 1.15am. that night damn sad sia. i tot i only miss huang jin lu and coffee prince. den in the end, i rmb that i also missed gong. ohh man! i miss 4hrs of show that night. but when i reach hm, i still manage to watch 15mins of gong! hahah. den i think i damn not used to it. like nv watch my shows. den i went online to search for coffee prince. and even though it is in korean, i still watch. hhhaa. den happily went to slp at abt 3am.
saturday: stay at hm. did presentation board and did my old man drawing. the drawing sucks. the face is like too fat liao lah! hahah. but as long as i'm done with it, i'm happy liao. hahaha. den ystd got yang zhong wei de album de songs. hahah. THANKS AH MA! she really send me loads of songs this 2days.
sunday: stay at hm also. do my presentation board again. um, so i'm done with 2presentation boards. den now got ttime to blog ler. hahaha. now chatting on phone. blog some other days.
gisiang. andiloveTMR.

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