Friday, January 30, 2009

Today whole day STUDIO!!!
I'm super angry with myself, I can't do what I want, don't know what I want.
Keep on redoing, keep on tracing and tracing agn and agn. That's so sick:( And thanks Zalina, cos I seriously got no way to do the way I want my things to be, so she let me do it in a simple way. Felt relieved after that.
And my dearest classmates are all playing this game call what 'live/life or dead'??!! I don't know. It is just something like Counter Strike, Silent Hill, or even House of the Dead!!! Hahah. I tried and my hands just can't coordinate. Hahah. So Rostina gave us time to do studio and in the end everyone started..... playing games, webcaming:) Hahah.
So join in webcam for just two photos. Hahah:)

One strand of my hair is standing up in the second photo!!! Hahah:)
And they got lots of unglam photos taken today too!
Came home, sleep till 9pm then have dinner.
Just completed the ppt for tmr Gan's lesson, finally. Have been dragging it for like 3weeks? Hahah.
Now going to slp soon, No morning lesson! Whoohoo! Haha:)
Bye people:o
gsiang. andi hate can'tgettingthingsright

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