Friday, January 16, 2009

Today went to Marina Barrage. And, finally I got some photos to upload, but don't have a lot of my faces bah! But before talking abt Marina Barrage, I got something to say!
My slippers broke off this morning! It was the joke of the day!
Today morning met Chris at MRT station, then walked to sch together.
After not long of walking, Chris step on my slippers and it broke off. I could even hear the thread snapping off sound! Hahah:) Then called Phoebe to my help. Luckily Phoebe was at Elaine's hse, picking her up to sch. So, I borrowed a slippers from Elaine. Then, Phoebe came over to the mrt station to drive us to sch. And, two of them was laughing like hell! Hahah:) But still thanks the two of them for coming to my help!
So now are all the photos taken at Marina Barrage! That place was super windy and is another reservoir in Singapore. Quite cool! Take a look uh... Random photos:)
I today wear till a bit weird la, but forget it. Haha:)

See, my fat legs! Damn la:(
See how strong the wind is! Hair flying like siao!
Tea time! At the cafe!
Rayne slut!

So, you can actually go over there to fly kite! Strong wind, huge ground!
Nice scenery, nx time shld go there take picture, from here can even see the Singapore Flyer:)

Solar Panels:)

That's all for the pictures.
So after seeing all the exhibitions, we went to the cafe and Zalina treated us drinks agn! Loves my strawberry milk shake! Whoohoo! Thanks to her!
Our whole class didn't went for Michael Gan's lesson except for three of them, so pathetic! Our attendance seems to get worse. Thurs only got 5people went to sch for the whole day, then today almost all nv went for Gan's lesson. But still got to sumbit and present his work nx week!
Just now 9pm want to go running, then parents don't allow. Lame la, say dangerous to run at night. Then forget it lo, I just nv go run, anyway can watch my show also. Hahah:)
Tmr got work whole day, shld rest earlier. Bye.
gisiang. andihate mySIZE, fat:(

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