Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've finally uploaded those long time ago pictures.
I shall just upload those taken on Chris's birthday celebration, although there are some taken nx day at Vivo.
Actually got a slutty picture of Chris, but I better don't put la, or else I think she will kill me! Hahah:) Kana force face!
Happy huh??!
I'm such a helpful friend!

This picture, Yvonne say don't know what look different or what! Forget what she say also la. Hahah:) Nvm.

Then, Ah Ma say I look sexy in this picture! Like WTH! Hahah. Not at all lo! Hahah:)

All girls outing! All girls at pub!
Wah Piang! Everytime see Ah Ma this picture I feel like laughing sia. Damn funny leh:)

Okays. That's all, lazy to upload all the picture. And, I'm the reddest person over there, I guess, but I'm not drunk! Hahaha:)
Tmr not gonna go sch for that stupid open house, but meeting Chris they all in late afternoon.
Going to Bugis, shop! Loves man:)
Watched all the eps I have missed pass few days for Whoohoo! Shuang!
And I still got some new shows not yet watch.
Stop here, I wanna continue to see spree.
Lastly, I have changed my blog song! My current addicted song. Both from my current addicted show! Hahah:)
gisiang. andilove Watching shows.
*it's impossible that I stop watching show*

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