Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing work right now. Doing ammendments for studio.
So sad that I lost so many of my work, and we are going to be interview for our work attachment. Sucks. I seems like got nothing much to show cos I lost all the files when reformatting.
Today went out with Singyee to City Hall. Whoohoo!
Shiok sia, slp till 3.30pm then wake up. Haha:) I miss my sleeping time.
Shopping time seems so short for today, rushing here and there.
Bought a shoes from Charles and Keith, but is not any one of those I like. I bought a flat, open toes. So so la. Wanted get heels, but don't think I will wear it so often. Hahah:)
Bought my Body Shop strawberry scrub! Good reccomendations by Pearlyn! Somemore the person give me 2free gift, body butter and body scrub, mini testers:)
I want to buy this Topshop shirt, $53. I think if i buy my mum will kill me. But I think I will buy it on another day, cos I think I really like it. But I think I get some bottoms for new yr first before I get that top. Too much top le! No bottoms.
I now gonna get back to work, faster complete and slp.
gisiang. andilove myBODYSCRUB:)

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