Thursday, January 29, 2009

I really got a bit tired of my studio. I just can't get it right, can't make it in the way I want. Sucks.
And I'm tired. Got no more brain juice to think of it le. I have done what I can, tmr then continue.
Today after lesson went to Orchard.
Wanted to buy this Super BB cream, but I think it is so sellable that Bishan and even Wisma outlet Sasa outlets have sold out. So bought it from online. Cheaper! Hahah:)
After that went to Cine to watch movie.
3movies to choose from, 2local films and 1Hk film, in the end watch Love Matters out of the 3.
We had our dinner at Coke Red Lounge. I had fish baked rice and I think is very nice! Hahah:) Cheap and nice!
When in the theatre still rmb I can take the photos of the lightings for one of my proj. What kind of life is that? Hahah. When watching movie still rmb abt my work! Hahah:) So when the movie end, we were the last one to leave and took photos of the lighting. Nice lightings! And, thanks Chris for ur camera and Huifen for helping to take the photos as well! Thanks!
Then went hm after that, did studio till sian & helpless:(
Tired, sleeping.
Overall, 'Love Matters doesn't really have a good storyline, but it's just for laugh.'
gsiang. andiloveFishBakedRice:)

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