Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally completed these two days of work. Tired:(
I had a lousy body nowdays. Now is only 2.11am and I'm tired already.
Work from 7.30am - 6.30pm then took bus to Boon Lay interchange.
I got no dinner at hm cos thought will be working till quite late. So in the end, called on joker, Huifen to accompany to eat dinner! Whoohoo!
Thanks friend!
While waiting for her, saw Lynette and her sister at JP. Hahah:)
Had a long and fun chat with Huifen over our dinner at Pizza Hut! Hahah:) Such a long time nv eat, and we are really huge eaters! One pan pizza each, soup plus fries shared! Omg! And still went for desserts! Sad to say that I didn't choose a dessert which I liked. Cos the one I choose got coconut milk and before that I already had stomach ache and it adds on to the pain! In the end, SHIT AT JP'S TOILET! Hahah:) Really cannot tahan sia.
And bought the Garnier body lotion! Whoohoo! Got new lotion to use! I got like so many lotions, but still buy. Dont care, since my mum said she's going to pay for it! Hahah:)
Had a enjoyable dinner with my friend, Thanks Huifen!
Tmr going out with Singyee to City Hall. Shopped! Yeahey!
gisiang. andilovemyFRIENDS.

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