Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm tired agn.
Ystd went to Vonne's hse to pai nian.
Have dinner at her hse and played mahjong.
I played 10hrs of mahjong! That is like super crazy! Hahah:)
We played from like last night 10pm to this morning 8am, without stopping!
Drink lots of greentea and Ate lots of new yr biscuits! Hahah:)
In the end.... I think nv really win. Maybe win 2$ ?? Hahah.
But at least better than the rest bah, lose like 10-20plus$.
And we are definitely going to have another mahjong session...
So only reach hm abt 8.30am this morning.
Slp from 8.45am-6pm then wake up!
I'm so shocked! Cos I thought I will wake up in the noon around 3pm! Hahah:)
Bathe, Dinner, Do studio, Watched Tv
I'm stuck for studio agn, and that's why I go watch Tv. Hahah.
And gonna continue tmr, facing the same prob with studio. Damn sucks.
I guess I'm gonna slp soon, since I can't do much.
gsiang. andilove Mahjong:)

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