Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
There will be two days of holiday, but for our class, it is actually just one day holiday, cos initially we already don't have sch on monday. Hahah. Quite sian, such a short break.
So now have some time to blog.
Today work till 2pm then went hm.
Got 88$ as my bonus! Hahah:) But not going to spent this money, going to save it cos since I work till now, I haven't save any money!!! Spent and spent non-stop.
So came hm, make my nails for like hrs!!! Cos can't find a colour which suits my nails and the sticker I'm going to use. So painted all my toes and finger nails till like 7pm. Check out my nails! I love it but the stickers sure will drop out very soon! Hahah:)

The picture not very clear huh. Hahah:)
Then, relatives came over my place to have reunion dinner-Steamboat as usual.
After dinner, relatives went hm, I went out to Clarke Quay. Went to Xbar with Wanjuan, Jer, Vonne, Singyee. We ordered a tower of beer-65$ quite cheap bah. But drinking like hell. It's a lot for us. But I didn't drink too much cos I don't really like beer. Um, was a very short meetup. Went hm at 1.30pm, Singyee came over my hse and chatted.
Now got nothing much to do so watch show and blog.
Plan tmr going to bring laptop over to my cousin hse to do some homework if possible. Such a Sad New Year.
And another sad thing is that Bishan don't have the BB cream I wanted. Have already decided to get that but no more stocks. Need to go to other outlet then have.
Nothing much to do and recently very little pic so took a few with webcam, that's so bored.

Okays, is not really 'some', is just two pictures. Hahah:)
Ohya, and I bought the Mango bag instead of the Charles&Keith one. Cos Chris and Huifen both said that is nicer and I also think will use it more often so quite worth it la. And just now show Singyee, she also said it's better than C&K. Hahah:)
That's all for the day.
Gonna sleep soon. Goodnights people.
gsiang. andIlovemyNails:)

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