Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been quite some days since I last blog.
Today went to sch, rushed for the shopping arcade dateline, however in the end still can't complete! Hahah:) It is mission impossible.
Left sch at abt 4plus pm.
Went to meet Sy and dye my hair at Yishun.
I dyed, highlight, cut and have treatment. Total spend...... $149!!! Wth la... I was like shocked when I heard the amt. Cos I forgot abt cutting hair also need money. Damn it! I'm gonna be broke very very soon. Need to start saving money agn!
I wanted to use part of my savings to buy the Mango bag that I saw ystd. It was on sale, $50. Quite normal, but soft material! Though it looks cheaper than the one I wanted at Charles and Keith. But I think I will bring it more often. Hahah:) Should I buy? Shall go and see it agn tmr!
And, tmr is the second last day for my work! Whoohoo! Working till night, then meeting Chris and Huifen for dinner! Haha:) Going to Orchard! Gonna take a look at BB cream- lastest skin care product introduce by Karen, maybe buying it. Then go see the Mango bag. Maybe not buying any of the two bags that I like cos I'm not short of bags but just want to have another bag! Hahah:) Then, also gonna have medicure and pedicure session tmr! Whoohoo! Feel like going for the classic one lo, but no money la...
That's all for the day & my plan for tmr:)
Gonna catch another ep of my show before sleeping.
Gsiang. andilove Bags:)

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